5 Things That May Surprise You When Working With a Direct Buyer to Sell Your House in Little Rock

In this day and age, there are many ways that you can sell your home. We would advise to not just got the traditional route of using a real estate agent unless that makes the most sense for your particular situation. Over time, more and more homeowners have discovered alternative ways to selling homes like selling to direct buyers like Sunny Day Homes LLC in Little Rock. We will cover five things that may surprise you about working with a direct buyer to sell your house in Little Rock.

No Open Houses

For most homeowners, this is the most annoying part of selling a home. First, you have to post pictures of your personal living space for the internet to see. Then you have to open up your home for strangers to walk through multiple times until you find the right buyer. When working with a direct home buying company to sell your house in Little Rock, you do not have to worry about keeping your home clean and tidy, making yourself available to potential buyers, and interrupting your weekly schedule.

Purchase In As-is Condition

Getting your home ready to be put on the market can be a costly challenge. You are expected to complete repairs and fix up the home because buyers will demand that with their offers. An agent will also order an inspection. The result of that inspection will likely mean that money will come out of your pocket to get the house up to market conditions Unless your home is newly remodeled, handing over the risks, costs, and hassles of repairs by working with a direct buyer to sell your house in Little Rock makes more sense. We tell our sellers they can leave whatever they want behind, we will take care of it!

Fair Market Price + Condition

Offers are based off of fair market price, condition, and comparisons of what other cash purchases are in the area. When you work with a buyer like Sunny Day Homes LLC to sell your house in Little Rock you will get a fair cash offer. A direct buyer like Sunny Day Homes LLC will pay all closing cost and there will not be any fee’s or commissions involved. What you agree to is what you walk away with at the end of the day.

We Close On your Timeline 

Since we buy with cash and can be flexible when purchasing homes, we can close quickly or give you some extra time when working with a direct buyer like Sunny Day Homes LLC to sell your house in Little Rock. When you are dealing with traditional buyers you are often dealing with folks who need to get a loan to purchase the home. This can add on a lot of time to the sale and there could be chance that they are denied for the loan and you have to start all over with finding a buyer. Because we pay cash, there is no inspection, appraisal, or bank lending involved. When close most of our purchases within 3 days of a signed contract agreement.

It’s A Smooth Process

Most of our sellers that we work with are surprised at how easy and effortless the process is when working with our company. Our contracts are short, simple, and to the point. We keep you in the loop throughout the whole process and update you with any problems. There is no stress, and there are no commissions for you to try to avoid by taking on all of the expenses, responsibilities, and risks of selling on your own. 

Sunny Day Homes LLC makes selling homes as easy as pie, saving your time and money! Sunny Day Homes LLC is happy to answer any questions you may have about working with a direct buyer and the many surprising things you may not know about working with a direct buyer to sell your house in Little Rock. Why not send us a message or call Sunny Day Homes LLC at (501) 400-0505 for your offer right now!

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