We Buy Houses in Little Rock Companies – Are They Credible?

If you have been spending any time in Little Rock there is a high probability that you’ve seen signs that say “we buy houses in Little Rock, “cash for your house”.

Are These “We Buy Houses in Little Rock Companies” The Real Deal?

Is there a way to know if these companies are legit? Will they work with me with ethics and integrity?

It can be hard to differentiate these companies because a lot of them market the same message. Let’s review some of the things to look for in a local house buying company before you should work with them.

First of all, there are many direct home buying companies and it is absolutely a real and respectable profession. If you are working with the right company their main goal is to help communities and provide solutions to distressed home owners in many ways. But just like any other line of work – there could be a few companies that are bad apples and give the profession a bad name.

There are people who are really great, ethical people who improve their neighborhoods one property at a time.

Then, there’s devious and unfair people who put profit ahead of what is actually the right thing to do for their clients.  There are truly people out there who would get one over on their own family member just to make a quick buck.

We’ll help you avoid these “crooked house buyers” so you can work with honest, ethical, and most importantly LOCAL companies who can buy your house for a fair all cash offer and close on your schedule.

Let’s talk about that first.

Let’s cover exactly what the best house buyer companies are doing.

What Reputable Little Rock House Buyers Are Doing

  • Provide fair cash offers quickly to solve the problem of needing money quickly. People often need the cash in their house to cover unexpected medical expenses, relocate for a job, assist family members, or get out from underneath their mortgage. We can make that happen in a matter of 1 week.
  • Assisting homeowners with getting rid of a troublesome property and avoiding the pain of having to list it with a real estate agent.
  • Creating local jobs. We hire plumbers, contractors, electricians, brokers, title reps, loan officers, administrators and many other community members. The average real estate transaction involves 86 people from start to finish. Our investments help create real jobs for people around Little Rock.
  • Increasing the value of Little Rock neighborhoods. When we rehab a house and increase its value, we are also increasing the value of the homes in the neighborhood by setting the bar higher. We often repair distressed and ugly homes, turning them into beautiful homes for families.
  • Increasing the tax base. When a new buyer takes over one of our properties, they’ll pay a higher tax rate based on the new and improved value. Those taxes go to pay for our schools, fire, police, libraries, streets and other valuable pieces of infrastructure.  Again, improving our neighborhoods.

This is all pretty neat stuff that a lot of people don’t think about, right?

Most people watch an HGTV show and think that flipping a house is something that can be done within a 30-minute episode. Its full of drama, problems, and stress, but somehow it always turns out OK. The reality is, what we do is pretty boring, and it certainly is not a “get rich quick scheme”.

Our projects are completely systemized and based off of very details scopes of work. We hardly have drama and pride our work on being stress-free.

So let’s get back to how you can use this information to find out if someone is a credible investor, and not just trying to squeeze every penny they can out of someone.

How To Ensure You’re Working With A Reputable Local House Buyer

It will be important for you to feel the company out. There are a series a great questions to ask and yo can typically determine if the person is honest by their answers to these questions.

Avoid questions with “yes” & “no” answers and instead ask these:

  • How do you help people that you purchase homes from?
  • What is it exactly that you do for people?
  • What services do you provide? Can you tell me more?
  • What part of your business are you most proud of?
  • What is your investment strategy? What do you do with my house?
  • How can I know that you’ll close on my house when you say you will?

Second, look for the red flags that those few shady companies use.

  • “closing it your kitchen” – If a company wants you to sign over the ownership of your house at your own house (instead of a closing attorney or title company) be aware.  Most professional house buying services will perform the actual closing of the sale at a title company and your check will be given to you there. This makes sure that everything is done properly and legally.
  • Hard selling you on a close – If a house buyer tries to pressure you into selling your house and says that you have to make the decision today, that is a red flag. Professional house buying services will make you and offer and that offer will be valid for up to 7 days! They want to give you some time for you to make a decision.  The reason reputable house buying services like ours at Sunny Day Homes LLC have expiring offers is because the market changes and values can change week to week depending on other sales in the area. We also purchase a number of houses at any given time and when we make you an offer we’re guaranteeing you cash for your house. If the offer isn’t the right fit for you, then we’ll use those funds to help other sellers in the area.

Legit companies want to speak with you, understand your problem, and provide a solution. Companies that are not legit will not be looking for an in depth conversation like this. They will most likely want to get off the phone with you if you start asking too many questions.

True investors who run honest and ethical Little Rock house buying services, however, are building long-term businesses based on relationships and community development.

So when you’re looking at one of the “we buy houses in Little Rock companies“… never be afraid to ask questions!

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