Alternate Real Estate Selling Methods You Can Use in Little Rock

There is a lot of competition in the real estate world and getting a leg up on the competition will require some unorthodox strategy. You need to create desire for your home but that can be hard to do when there are many similar homes for sale.

So how do you stand out? Our latest post will discuss alternate real estate selling methods, and how you can use those to sell your home fast in Little Rock!

Spice it up

If there are other properties just like your for sale then when buyers come to your open house – they will see something very similar. The same pitch from the realtor, the same snacks and beverages, and the same staging. Instead, you might consider doing something a little different. Consider throwing a party in the house or a backyard barbecue! Create an atmosphere that the buyers can picture themselves in hosting, entertaining, and having a good time. This will surely set you apart form the competition.

Put out a funny, unexpected advertisement

Real Estate ads are professional and quite frankly, boring. Think about those car insurance commercial like Geico and State Farm. These types of commercials always stick with people. you can come up with a clever, witty, and funny advertisement that separates your house form the competition.

Throw in a bonus

This is something we are seeing happen more and more in this market. Sellers will add in a bonus for buying there property. We have seen people add things as expensive as a new car with the purchase! Other items we have seen is a new flat screen TV, a gift card to the local furniture store, Amazon gift. cards, and other bonuses that will set you apart from your competition.

Use advanced technology

Marketers are starting to push the envelope of ways they can effectively market your property. Ordinary photos just are not doing it anymore. You can not have drone footage of your property, 3D modeling and virtual walkthroughs, and high definition photo editing. you should consider looking into these new technologies to to set your property apart from others.

Test drive the property

If you are not living at the home anymore you may want to consider allowing serious buyers to stay at the house for a short period of time. Think of this like test driving a car. This could be the difference maker in getting a buyer to fall in love with the house.

Are you looking for unconventional ways to sell your Little Rock home? Our team continually comes up with innovative strategies designed to sell your home fast! Send us a message here or give our office a call today! (501) 400-0505

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