8 Tips On Downsizing Your Home In Little Rock

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in, downsizing your home can be helpful in many ways. Below, we talk about the simple way that you can downsize your home. 

Tip #1 – The 1 Year Rule

This is a popular rule for items in your closet. If you have no worn the item in over a year then you should get rid of it. There is no reason to take up space and cause clutter if you are not going to wear that item! This is a great rule to carry over for all areas of the house! Do this with items in your kitchen, your living area, storage closets, etc… You will be amazed on how many things you keep around but never put to use.

Tip #2 – Donate and Hand Down

A lot of people don’t want to get rid of items because they feel like they are wasting it. Maybe some of these things have sentimental value to them? We recommend instead of throwing items away you donate them to places like Goodwill and Salvation Army.

Tip #3 – Clean Out Your Closets

Do you have boxes of items in your storage closet? Do you have cluttered junk drawers? Have you ever actually looked through all the stuff you have accumulated and determined if these are things you need? Ridding yourself of some of these useless items can be liberating!

Tip #4 – Downsize Your Furniture

If you are downsizing your house then you will more than likely need to downsize your furniture. Some of these items could be your couch, tables, entertainment centers, beds, and other large pieces of furniture. Assess the size of what you have and consider selling and downsizing these items for your new living space.

Tip #5 – Leverage Technology

Filing cabinets and paper files are a thing of the past. Consider digitizing your files, receipts, and other paper records and storing them in the cloud. You can use cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud to name a few.

Tip #6 – Organize Everything

Keeping everything neatly organizing can reduce clutter and get items to fit in smaller spaces. Consider eliminating some of the duplicate items you have (multiple drinking glasses, plates, etc..).

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