4 Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Little Rock

Although buying and selling a house may seem like similar processes – they couldn’t be more different. If this is your first time selling a home then you may not fully understand what goes into ensuring you have a successful sale. We have included our best tips and tricks for first time home sellers in Little Rock. 

4 best tips for first time home SELLERS! 

Realistic Pricing

The goal for most first time home sellers is that they want to get the most profit on their sale as possible. Because of this, most homeowners set the price too high for their home fro the very beginning. It is absolutely imperative that your price is set correctly! If you price too high then your listing will slowly drop down the line and buyers will not take you seriously. What eventually happens is that you will be forced to reduce your price which will give off the impression that something may be wrong with the house or that you are desperate. From the very beginning, price your house based off of other comparable sales in the area.

Prepare to Move Before You Sell

This is something that is not talked about enough. If you are 100% committed to selling your home then you should start packing, boxing, and getting your items ready to be moved before you list. This will also help with the sale because you will have a decluttered home that buyers can walk through as well as showcase on your listing photos. You will be thanking yourself once you you sell and everything is already packed! Doesn’t that sound nice?

Always Allow Showings

This is once of the annoying parts of listing your house on the market, BUT, if your house is listed you need to make your available for showings at all times. If you take our advice in the previous step, this shouldn’t be too much of a pain with your house already being packed up. The bottom line – you want to take every opportunity that you can to have a buyer see your home. This means that you can’t predetermine that you are only going to allow showing to happen during certain days or time frames.

Quality Photography

Having quality photos and images of your home can make or break a sale. Photos on your listing are the attention grabbers that get buyers into your house. You need to use a quality camera, have good lighting, and consider getting them touched up by a professional. Your house needs to stand out form the pack and this a great way to do so. You should consider hiring a professional if your listing agent hasn’t already. You might also consider creating an online virtual tour, or using drone photography.

Selling your house doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. Hiring the right team of professionals to guide you, will ensure you get the price you want in a timely manner.

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