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These days you can do so many things to effectively sell your Little Rock property. Most of the time, sellers will combine multiple strategies to sell faster.

Is an Open House right for your Little Rock home? The biggest question here is if this is going to be worth the time and energy? We have revealed the advantaged and disadvantages of an open house.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Open House in Little Rock


More People See The House

Before we begin with this, it is important to note that research shows that most homes are sold from 1-on-1 showings. However, when you are trying to sell in a sellers market, the more people you have seeing the home the more likely you are to receive multiple competitive offers. Even if someone at your open house decides they don’t want to buy it or they are just simply there looking – they may no someone who they can refer to the house. The larger number of people seeing your home is not a bad thing!

A Nice Vibe for Buyers

When you host an open house you will notice that you will get a mix of different people visiting. You will get those folks who just like going to open houses to see homes and then you will get really serious buyers who are ready to buy that same day. When it really comes down to it, all of these people want an environment that they can walk freely in and not have any pressure to make decisions. This gives them the chance to get a feel for the property and the ability to imagine themselves living there.



Have you ever seen a seller at their own open house? It doesn’t happen often – if ever. IT can be slightly unsettling for everyone.  Buyers do not want to feel as if they are taking up your time or infringing on your personal space. Preparing for an open house can be such a pain in the butt. You have to clean and tidy everything up in the house and then find somewhere to go for half of the day.

Compromised Security

The fact that random strangers are walking through your home can be unsettling! There have been stories of people stealing items from open houses. We recommend you lock away any valuable items. People will also use an Open House as a chance to stake out the property. Most agents have an eye for these types, but some people choose to send a friend in to drop by to make sure everything is going well.

Not Everyone is a Buyer

Open houses don’t only bring buyers into your home. You may get random people in your house that are not qualified to buy a home making offers on the spot. A good real estate agent will be sure to only accept offers from pre-qualified buyers. You DO NOT want to waste your time with unqualified buyers.

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