Why You Need to Compare Your Options When Selling Your House in Little Rock

Recently there has been a shift in the real estate industry to more of a hybrid model. In some situations, selling your house in Little Rock is more beneficial if you use a hybrid investor/agent to sell the house. This is because that investor/agent can either take the traditional route of selling your house or they can set up a fast investor purchase.


If there is no immediate urgency to sell your house quickly, working with a hybrid agent when selling your house in Little Rock will be your best option. This is especially true if your house is recently remodeled or in ‘great’ condition.

On the other side of the coin, when selling your house in Little Rock to an investor like those at Sunny Day Homes LLC, you can have your house sold in as little as 2 weeks.


If you feel like your house is in a great condition and you are not worried about what an inspection will turn up when selling your house in Little Rock, working with a hybrid agent makes a ton of sense.

If you decide to list a distressed property that is in need of repairs, that won’t always be the best solution for your situation. Most buyers will require that repairs are made or demand a decrease in the listing price. In this case, you would better off by choosing to sell directly to a professional investor when selling your house in Little Rock. An investor like the professional hybrid agent investors at Sunny Day Homes LLC will buy the property in as-is condition.


When selling your house in Little Rock with a hybrid agent, they will be spending time marketing your home and showing your home to potential buyers. This does come at a price and some homeowners are OK to pay a real estate agent for their services.

When working with a hybrid investor, they are the buyer, so they will not need to market or search for potential buyers. When selling your house in Little Rock through a direct sale to an investor like the ones at Sunny Day Homes LLC – it allows you to eliminate the commissions and cost of using an agent. The closing cost are paid by the investor on the back end and you walk away with the amount you were offered.

Crunch the Numbers

We assist you in understanding what method of sale will work best for you. When selling your house in Little Rock, Sunny Day Homes LLC can offer you several options because of our unique combination of professional hybrid agent investors. Sunny Day Homes LLC presents you with the data and numbers for each home sales method, allowing you to analyze the factors involved with each option, selecting what works best for you.


You only need to make one stop, with the convenience of our professional hybrid agents and investors all rolled into one at Sunny Day Homes LLC. If you have any questions about which option is best for your situation, Sunny Day Homes LLC will take the time to listen. Sunny Day Homes LLC will address any of your concerns with no obligation. To learn more about how our hybrid agents and investors can help you solve your problems, contact Sunny Day Homes LLC at (501) 400-0505 today and get started.

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