Tips to Make Your Yard a Selling Point in Little Rock

A well kept yard can make or break a sale on your home. If you have an eye sore front and back yard that is overgrown, has weeds, and horrible landscaping then that will be a turn off to buyers. On the other hand, if you have a yard that has been maintained, is clean, tidy, and well thought out, then that will attract buyers to the house. In this article we have provided you some of the best tips to make your yard a selling point in Little Rock.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the perceived attractiveness of the property from the view of the street. If you have read our previous articles you understand the importance of curb appeal when selling your Little Rock home. If you have unattractive curb appeal then you may not even get buyer to come into the house!

  • Touch up the pain, focus on the trip of the house and the door
  • Clean walkway, replace old lights, replace/remove old porch furniture
  • Plant some flowers and add in new mulch/bark into the planter boxes
  • Cut any overgrown bushes or trees

Make Them Feel At Home

A backyard that is done right can give off some serious vibes. Make it a space where they feel they can have family and friends over to enjoy each others company. If you target buyer is first time home owners, make the space safe and open for children to play in. It’s always a good idea to have a maintenance backyard as well. 

  • Furniture and area to sit are a must
  • Include some features such as a barbecue area, hammock, and a fire pit.
  • Follow the steps for the front yard to ensure it has a good aesthetic

Clean Up

Picture your self in a clean and well kept yard, now picture yourself in a messy, overgrown, dirty yard. The differences are huge are they not? A clean yard will speak for the rest of your home and give off the impression that everything has been cared for and is in good condition. 

  • Power washing machines can do wonders. Power wash the fence to create new looking wood, the siding of your house, and the concrete areas of the front and back yard. 
  • If you have lawn keep it edges and mowed, rid of all weeds, and keep all trees and bushes properly trimmed. 
  • If you are using your yard as a junk yard – it is time to get rid of that mess and create a clean and open space. 
  • Wash the windows

Be Efficient

What we mean by efficient is to be sure to not create a yard that is too hard to keep up with. You want something that looks nice but it is also low maintenance. You can have the most beautiful yard in the world but if it is expensive or time intensive to care for – you will deter buyers! 

Your yard can make or break the sale of your home! Keep this in mind when you are ready to sell your Little Rock house!

If you are thinking about selling your Little Rock home, we can help you get ready with some innovative and inspiring ideas!

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