How To Sell Your House Without Showing Your Property In Little Rock

Opening up your home for people that you don’t know to walk through it can feel like a personal intrusion when you list with a Little Rock real estate agent. In our latest post, you will see how you can sell your house without having to show it!

Having to always make you and your home available for showing is one of the most annoying parts of selling your house with a real estate agent in Little Rock. We have included a number of helpful things that you can do to help you sell your house without showing your property in Little Rock.

Open House

If you determine that utilizing a real estate agent to sell your house in Little Rock but don’t want to deal with having to show your property over and over – then you should plan one or two open houses. You will not need to be present for the open house and you can knock out the showing for multiple buyers by having them all there at once. Open houses are also proven to create a competitive atmosphere and could drive multiple offers in quickly. The only downside to hosting an open house is that you will have multiple people walking through your home often unsupervised. You will have to lock away valuable items and make sure your personal belongings are safely put away.

Consider Using Technology Like Virtual Tours

This is becoming increasingly popular due to the pandemic. Home owners in Little Rock are selling their homes to buyers without them actually ever physically seeing the house. You may be asking yourself, how do you sell your house without showing your property in Little Rock? Hire professional to do video walkthroughs of your home, create 3D overhead views, or even utilize a drone to capture high quality walkthroughs. There is amazing technology being utilized to sell real estate in this day and age.

Honesty Sells

If you are in a situation where you are selling your house to someone sight unseen then it will be important to disclose everything about the property – including any potential issues/repairs needed. The buyer has the right to know everything they need to to make a decision to purchase without seeing the house. Start with all the positives about the property and make that the focus of your sale, but, you will be committing fraud if you fail to disclose and issues/defects with the property during a sale.

Hire an Inspector

Being prepared will always put confidence in your buyer. That is why it is a great idea to have an inspection done on your house and be able to share the results with the potential buyer. You both will know what condition the property is in and what potentially needs to be repaired. This will create an even playing field during negotiations and eliminate the possibility of the buyer feeling insecure about the purchase.

Sell Your House Directly

The quickest option would be to sell your house to a direct house buying company like Sunny Day Homes LLC. While we would come see the property in person, it would be a 15 minute visit and we don’t require repairs – we purchase as-is! You can leave whatever you want at the property and we will buy it just like that.

Contact Sunny Day Homes LLC today to sell your house without any property showings in Little Rock! (501) 400-0505

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