Complications Homeowners Face When Hiring an Agent in Little Rock

Selling your house is a big decision and life event. It is important to make sure we are making the right choices and utilizing the correct resources when doing so. Using a real estate agent is the traditional method that most of us are familiar with and while it does have some benefits – it is not always the right choice for every home owner. Below are five complications that homeowners face when utilizing a real estate agent to sell their house in Little Rock. 

Length of Sale

Listing your home for sale with a real estate agent can become a very drawn out process. This is unfortunate because the longer the house on been on the market the more likely you will have to reduce the price. This is a major setback homeowners face when hiring an agent in Little Rock. Agents cannot tell you when a house will close because they first need to find a buyer, they can only tell you the average length a house sits on the market in your area.

Commission/Fee’s/Closing Cost

Real Estate agents need to get paid for their services. Title companies and escrow agents also need to be paid for the work they do during closing. Commissions, fee’s, and closing cost are a big negative that homeowners face when hiring an agent in Little Rock. You will have to ask the agent their commissions and what the fee’s and closing cost will be for the sale of your home. Once you have this information, subtract it from your profit because this cost will be coming out of your pocket when you work with a real estate agent in Little Rock.

Buyer Can’t Perform

No body wants that dreaded phone call form your agent telling you that the buyer is backing out or that they were not approved for financing. There is nothing you can do except go back to the drawing board and look for another buyer. Finding out that the deal fell through is a gut wrenching feeling that homeowners face way too often when hiring an agent in Little Rock


Many home owners are not able to sell their house on the market because the property requires too many costly repairs and improvements. Real estate agents will require you to fix any damages to your home as the market demands this. They prefer a blank slate home with not too much personalization and they want it to be staged. This could potential cost thousand of dollars out of your pocket.

Holding Costs

While your house is on the market, you are still required to pay the taxes, utilities, and all other cost associated with owning a home. If you move to a new house while your previous home is being sold, you could take on double these payments. Depending on how long it takes to sell your house with a real estate agent in Little Rock, these cost can add up and eat a hole in your pocket.

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