Advantages and Disadvantages of a Direct Sale of Your House in Little Rock

Home owners come to a fork in the road when deciding to sell their home – most only think there are these two options. 1) Selling your home by your self and taking on the expenses and legal consequences, or 2) Paying 6% of your profits to a real estate agent to do your marketing and find a buyer for your house. While you may know all of the advantages and disadvantages of working with a real estate agent, it really comes down to your situations and what works best for you. For some, selling to a direct home buyer may be the best option. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a direct sale of your house in Little Rock

Advantage – No Commissions

Selling your house in Little Rock doesn’t have to be a hard and costly process. Working with direct buyers like Sunny Day Homes LLC means using simple contracts that contain no hidden fees and no commissions taken from your profit. Not to mention, we will pay all the closing cost.

Advantage – No Showings

Open houses and making your home available to buyers is a pain in the butt. You can skip showings and opening up your home by choosing a direct sale of your home in Little Rock.

Advantage – No Repairs

Most people are not selling new homes which means you more than likely have some age to your home. Most houses will be in need of some repairs whether that is for your common wear and tear or bigger ticket items like the roof or mechanicals. If your house is in ‘fair’ to ‘bad’ condition, you will be required to spend thousands in repairs to get it to market conditions (when using a real estate agent). You can avoid this nightmare scenario through a direct sale of your house in Little Rock. Our company purchases all houses in as-is condition.

Advantage – No Marketing Expenses

Most real estate agents will perform the marketing but require you to pay for it. They utilize professional staging companies, photographers, and we are even seeing the use of drones now. You can avoid all of these expenses through a direct sale of your house in Little Rock.

Advantage –  Fast Closings

Working with a direct buyer like Sunny Day Homes LLC means closing on your timeline whether that is in 2 weeks from now or extended out to fit your unique situation. If you want to quickly trade your equity for cash then a direct sale of your house in Little Rock is the fastest way to get it done. Because a direct sale is done with cash there will be no waiting on bank loans to be approved, appraisals, or finding a buyer in the first place.

Advantage – No Holding Costs

Holding cost often make or break homeowners that are relocating. If you have relocated and still have not sold your primary property then you are going to carry the mortgage, utility, tax, and upkeep cost until it is sold. You can avoid these costs through making a direct sale of your house in Little Rock

Disadvantage – Less than Market Value

 Most direct buyers will work with you and offer you fair market price plus or minus the condition of the home. Most times a direct sale of your house in Little Rock will not bring as high of a sale price compared to top dollar on the market, this is made up for from the fast sale, $0 in fees and commissions, and closing cost paid by the direct sale company.

Sunny Day Homes LLC is ready to jump into action to save you a bunch of money and time! Sunny Day Homes LLC can save you thousands of dollars, with no commissions, no repairs, no marketing expenses, or holding costs. You can also save valuable time by selling your house in Little Rock directly to Sunny Day Homes LLC along with our swift closings, and you won’t be dealing with the time-consuming process of updating and repairing your home. Add all of this to the convenience of avoiding showings, and why wait? Send us a message or call Sunny Day Homes LLC at (501) 400-0505 today!

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