5 Reasons You Should Sell Your Home With A Professional Cash Buyer Instead of An Agent To Sell Your Little Rock House

The median duration that homeowners stay in their homes in 13 years. There comes a time where you may be asking yourself if it is time to move. You may also be wondering if you should use a Real Estate Agent to sell your house in Little Rock, Arkansas. Do you want to pay the extra cost that comes with an agent like fee’s and commissions? How long are you willing to wait for to accept an offer on your home? The amount of time that it takes to close is something to also think about? Most buyers will expect repairs to be done, you will need to think about what may need to be fixed/improved to sell the home. Also, are you available everyday of the week to sell the home? 

No Annoying Showings

Let me paint a clear picture about what selling directly to a cash house buyer in Little Rock, Arkansas looks like. One thing I can say for certain is that it is a much quicker process, less frustrating, and you won’t have to do any of the work. There are no frustrating never-ending  calls and text asking if you are around and free to show your house. You don’t have to worry about speaking with a buyer’s agent or potential buyers and having them ask you questions about that home that you really shouldn’t answer anyway (thats the realtors job but it still happens). It may be more beneficial to work with an investor in Little Rock.

No Extra Cost (Commissions and Fees)

Real estate agents are paid based on commission, which will be a percentage of the final sale price. If you use a cash home buyer, there will be no commissions paid to a buyer’s or seller’s agent – because there are no agents involved! Sellers save thousand of dollars by eliminating the agent from the equation! The common trend for commission is 6% (3% per agent, both buyer and sellers). An example of this would be if you sold your home for  $420,000 you would have to pay $25,200 in commissions alone, along with the additional closing fees and other possible transaction fees to the closing agent and the real estate agents office. When dealing with professional cash buyer, you are not required to pay any commissions or fees. Working with investors allows the seller to avoid all of the fee’s because they are typically selling at a slight discount.

How Long Are You Willing To Wait?

Real estate agents have access to the MLS which is the standard search tool that Realtors use to find homes for their clients based off of their specific needs/wants. This may sound like a quick way for your house to be found, but how long will it actually sit on the market? Will you receive offers right away or will it take some time? Real estate investors and other direct house buyers typically have a network of other house buyers, so if your house doesn’t fit what they are looking for (often time investors have specifications they are looking for to fit their portfolio) then they often can have a partner in their network purchase the property. This mean extremely quick offers (often time between 24-48 hours). Also, when you sell your house in Little Rock, Arkansas directly to cash house buyers, they close fast because they pay in all cash. Traditional house purchases usually require qualifications from banks, mortgage underwriting time, property inspection and the buyer may not end up qualifying in the end. 

Inspections & Repairs

When you work with an investor in Arkansas , they will buy houses as-is. This is great for sellers because sellers do not have to spend money on repairs or bring the property up to market condition. Most of the time you avoid any additional expenses out of your pocket to prepare the property for sale. When you use a real estate agent, the standard is for the buyer to have an inspection done on the property and if there is any need for repair found they will request for the seller to fix it before they purchase the home. This is extremely common. 

Working With Your Timeline 

When you work with a cash buyer instead of an agent to sell your Little Rock house, cash buyers will normally always give you time to move out and handle anything that you need to. Most cash investors are there to provide a solution to you and work on your timeline! When you work with an agent in Little Rock, you are normally expected to leave the house on or before the day of closing since the property now belongs to the buyer. When you work with an investor they will let you close on your timeline. 

When you sell to us, you’ll get a fair cash offer, you choose the closing time frame, and we pay all closing costs!

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