4 Ways To Deal With A Bad Tenant In Little Rock

Are you a landlord with bad tenants? Many landlords across the country end up with bad tenants in their properties. In this write up, we’re sharing 4 ways to deal with a bad tenant in Little Rock.

It’s only a matter of time before you have to deal with a bad tenant in one of your rental properties. There are many things that can constitute a bad tenant including them wrecking the property, not paying rent, causing neighbors to complain, or constantly contacting you. Even with a comprehensive screening process in place, tenants like this will always slip through. Here are 4 ways to deal with a bad tenant in Little Rock.

Lay down the ground rules

Explain toy our tenants that you are running a real estate business and that they need to respect your product. Lay out clear rules in the lease so that you can make them obligated to those rules. If there are payment issues work with your tenant to understand their situation. Is their an unfortunate situation out of their control? Maybe a payment schedule can help fix the issue. Its important as a landlord to be prepared for these things. 


This should be the last option because it is often a complicated legal matter. The housing laws are greatly in favor of the tenants vs the property owners. On top of that, if you are reading this during the COVID-19 pandemic than you can forget about eviction all together. 

Explore other legal options

Contact your real estate attorney to review what other legal options you have. You may be able to sue for damages to the property or to receive your overdue rent back. Keep in mind this will more than likely be an expensive process with attorney and legal fees. 

Sell your property to us

If you’d rather not deal with the tenants and you want to be done with the headache of renting your property to bad tenants then you could consider selling it. Sunny Day Homes LLC has worked with many landlords and purchased troublesome rental properties form them. Depending on who you sell to, you may not even need to evict your tenant first (for example, in many cases, we just buy and evict for you). For rental property owners with family living in the rental, this is an ideal solution.

If you want to sell your rental property to us and finally get rid of the hassles and headaches, then get in touch and let us know about the property so we can make you an offer. Click here now to fill out the form or call our team at (501) 400-0505.

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